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MadNesS Vol.1の歌詞

MadNesS Vol.1


発売日 2009年09月30日
作詞 MiChi
作曲 Tomokazu Matsuzawa

Tokyo London
Are you ready?
MiChi MadNesS
Tokyo Japan
MiChi and T.O.M
Sending you some Madness...

Ha Ha Ha...

Now let me just show you what this Madness is
Well you all have it in you
But you don't know how to let it out
So let me send you on our way
Let's just have some fun and drop all the shit

Ha Ha Ha...

What you gonna see is what you gonna get
Cus What I hate the most is people faking it...
It doesn't matter where you're from or how much you have
And I don't really care what you say about it

Never said that I was a perfect
Let's just get real
I like to drink from noon
And dance in my bedroom
There's nothing wrong in enjoying life
It's a gift that we got
So just relax, open up, to the Madness in us.



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