• ORICON MUSIC(オリコンミュージック)
  • ドラマ&映画(by オリコンニュース)
  • アニメ&ゲーム(by オリコンニュース)
  • eltha(エルザ by オリコンニュース)



作詞 楠誠一

What's all you need to say good bye?
What's all you need to hold me tight?
Can't you be nice to me tonight?
Have eyes only for the past...

I pray for you that you are fine.
I pray for you that you are kind.
I can't get you out of my mind.
I can't get you out of my sight.

I know your everything tonight.
I hold your hands so tight tonight.
I feel your hair and breath tonight.
You show your face and heart tonight.
Why don't stare at my eyes any more.

Whenever you smile or cry or lean to me.
Your every action really draw my soul my heart every time.
I always do for you what you whan me to do.
I hope we get along together every single day. I wish so.

What are you going to do?
What can I do for you then?
I dream our happy life every day.
I'm waiting for I work hard every day.



タイトル 歌い出し
  • Trip
  • Taking a beginning step for the first time is our necessary role.
  • b-181
  • I don't know what happen to her. I don't know what's going on.
  • S.S
  • 抱え切れない程の涙色した悲しい歌に包まれて
  • Cross road
  • 悲しい答えぼんやり消えたうつむく僕は
  • The day rain changes to the rainbow
  • I tucked myself up in warm bed as usual.