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The day rain changes to the rainbowの歌詞

The day rain changes to the rainbow

作詞 野田剛史

I tucked myself up in warm bed as usual.
I got to sleep while I recalled a happy day.
I happened to get up, the window is sparkled by rain.
My silent room was filled with light like neon signs.

I felt loneliness I couldn't understand.
I don't want to something, I depend on someone.
I don't know why, but I was carried away by the felling of the lonliness.
I wanted to call......

I recalled love affair in the past, what is she doing now?
I thought that, I felt more lonely......
That falls suddenly as if it felt for the first time and melt it my hand.
To get to each other under this umbrella.

We talked many nights away, and present dream has appeared.
Whatever unless life I spend, if I feel that I drew to a dream is real.
I spend the day with soul.



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