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発売日 2008年07月02日
作詞 椎名林檎
作曲 椎名林檎

now i'm seventeen
my school is in the country
students wear trainers
read the same magazines
now i'm seventeen
my school is getting tiresome
teachers-they're so young
singling me out
only like philosophy & after school the time
that's what i call my own time
nice girls meet nice boys end of school day
while other girls go straight home
talking 'bout soaps'n' that
i go home alone
like it watchig the nameless people
surfing subways, travelling somewhere
now i'm seventeen
i do not have a title
depend on no one else
busy being kind(to myself)
i go home alone
and have dinner in my sweet home
praying again, again & again
i see the same faces in school & they say that i am different
i think it's an honour
i say it's an honour to B diffrent
i can't go their way
now i'm seventeen



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